£35 per hour

I use an hourly rate and  time my work to the minute with a stopwatch. Email time is also charged. A sample of say 3,000 words will give you an idea of how many minutes your particular work might take me - it varies for each person. The first thing to do is to choose one of three services: Proofreading, Copy-editing, or Manuscript Consultancy. Proofreading will take me less time than Copy-editing, for example, and Manuscript Consultancy will take me the most time. We can also book meetings (see further below). The cost per hour reflects the fact that meetings are scheduled.

Working method

I use track changes in Word so that you can reject/accept all changes I suggest. I always look to do what's necessary, but never look to make changes which are not needed. In terms of style - I want to identify your unique style and make sure it's always singing out.

Before we undertake a large project together, we can try a chapter to see how it's going. We'll also agree a timetable and I'll keep you updated throughout.


Proofreading picks up any typos, spelling mistakes and punctuation slips (eg punctuation of speech, use of comma etc). It also checks for inconsistencies in language usage (eg among/amongst, ISE/IZE etc),  elements like numbers and dates, titles, section breaks, headers and footers etc.

Proofreading doesn't involve reworking syntax, or reading for elements of style. If copy-editing is needed, I'll let you know and you can look at a sample page of your work with suggested copy-edits to decide whether you'd like to upgrade.


Copy-editing builds on proofreading to include suggested restructuring of any syntax which needs attention, and commentary on elements of prose style, for example consistency of tone/register. Copy-editing screens for lines or ideas which may need clarity, potential gaps/omisisons, and structure of lines and paragraphs within each chapter.

When copy-editing I don't offer opinions on the success of the work's overall structure (eg how the chapters build to tell the whole), storyline, setting or characters. For this see manuscript consultancy, below.

Manuscript consultancy

Manuscript consultancy is a full analysis of your work at the level of words, lines, paras, chapters, and whole book.
I'll proofread and copy-edit while also offering my written opinion on aspects such as premise, view point, world building, character, voice, plot, pace, action, climax and resolution.

You can ask me any questions you'd like me to consider as I read, or direct me to certain areas you'd like me to give particular attention to. I'll be commenting on what works and why, as well as what might need another look. You'll get the genuine opinion of one very close reader. It's always subjective, but it will give you a great sense of a reader's experience of your writing.

Meetings (Zoom)

£45 an hour or £25 for a half-hour

A great deal can be accomplished with a meeting - so if back and forth via email isn't for you, and you'd like a more quick-fire conversation, we can arrange a meeting on Zoom.